Learning the tricks of the trade

July 14, 2016

Most often the question that is asked of me is "Where did you learn to do that?" The short answer to that question is that the internet is a beautiful place and I owe it all to those amazing artists who take time to post in blogs and upload tutorials. 


I should really mention how my sample kit got me so far. I am a very frugal person and I desperately hate waste. Since I purchased the kit I was determined to use it up! Which led me to dabble in many different designs that my children requested. I was lucky enough to be running a day home at the time and had an ample group of volunteers to practice on!


I was already an avid lover of Pinterest and one of those people who could have started a blog on Pinterest Fails. So it started with pinning photos upon photos of face designs into a specific board on Pinterest. As a side note, my husband says I'm an online hoarder as I have a ridiculous amount of Pinterest boards but they are all neatly organized. I found that I struggled a lot with replicating designs and couldn't quite figure out how they made everything look so amazing. 


Which brought me to YouTube. I frequented videos of amazing artists such as SophieTips, Ashlea Henson, Lisajoyyoung and Silly Heather. They mentioned products, brand names, types of paints and more which planted a seed in my head for products I wish I had. 


Initially I just wanted to use up the kit but when I ran out of black and all the colors remained fairly full, I put some thought into it and allowed myself to purchase a black cake and continue using the sample colors up. The pattern continued as I ran out of red, then white and so on. I eventually conceded that it would be nice to have the basics of face painting on hand all the time so I would have a new activity for the day home and I would never wait in face paint lines again! That was the beginning of a small but full-sized kit. 

Unfortunately in Canada there is not a whole lot of options Local and otherwise that carry the accessories to face painting. So I hit a plateau where I had watched so many videos on YouTube and so many designs that required the final touches of stencils, shading, glitter and more to make it amazing. 


I sat down with my husband and expressed my concerns of the cost of this hobby to my super supportive husband. He immediately brushed me aside and said "Don't be ridiculous Sara, if you never make a penny face painting it doesn't matter, what matters is that you love it."


At this point I had come to realize that my children no longer asked for face paint, it was a novelty they grew out of. I had switched from painting for them to painting for the love of art. 


So I plunged head first into the world of face paint and used, my now favorite online store, http://www.hokeypokeyshop.ca/, to order all the things I really wanted. I think I totaled $200 the first time around. 


From there my skill grew at an exponential rate. Thanks to all the tips off of YouTube and blogging I was able to purchase the right brushes which made a worlds difference, my favorite being La Cornielle and Mark Reid. I added different shades of colors- at this point I went for the cheaper professional brand, TAG, to add depth to the designs I struggled with. I added BAM stencils that helped with texture and glitter that added glam. I really took a step towards being a professional face painter but at this point I was still convinced that it was a hobby. 


And that, my readers, is the long answer to the question "Where did you learn to do that?" 


 First Spiderman (makes me cringe!)                     Current spiderman- added texture with                                                                                               stencils and finer lines (as seen on the                                                                                                 spider) with smaller brushes


Thanks for reading the ramblings of a random face painter. 

 Sara Martel 

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