Stumbling into Face Painting

July 14, 2016

 I've always had an artistic and creative streak but it certainly wasn't a mile long. More like a centimeter! I dabbled in acrylic painting with my very talented mother but my pictures were never quite as beautiful as hers. 


With my brother I picked up pencil's and sat alongside him trying to draw animals and faces while he drew amazing realistic castles and scenery's and let me tell you that my 5 year old draws better then me. 


I fell in love with Pinterest and found all these amazing sewing projects and bought myself a sewing machine only to find that I had no patience and my final projects looked like clothes for Frankenstein. 

I did excel in other aspects of Art- I am decent at watercolor but I couldn't seem to develop that skill past a hobby. I harbor a deep love for photography and I was blessed with that skill without too much effort. Then there is my insane love of Mandala's which somehow I never make time for. 


That's my history in arts and crafts. There is no face painting involved in there. I didn't stand by the booths and wish I could face paint- In fact I'm pretty sure I thought "Wow that's over priced". Yes, I'm guilty of that misplaced thought process. 


So how did I get into face painting you might ask? Well it all started with a birthday party for my beautiful baby girl who was turning four years old. I wanted the best for her, what parent doesn't right? I thought face painting would be a great addition to the party as we rarely have the patience to wait in line up's to get it done. I took some time to call up the local face painters and get some quotes and I was very quickly defeated. For one thing, I only had 5 children joining us at the party and for another thing, $100 was steep for a small get together. I just couldn't scrounge up enough kids to make it worthwhile! 

 The good news is I don't give up too easy so I decided that I could maybe wing it and give face painting a go for my little one's party. I bought that little kit you can get at Michael's and practiced a few designs. I quickly became frustrated as the Snazaroo pink and purple in the kit were metallic and didn't go on very bold so I immediately wanted to supplement the kit with those two colors. My, now 5 year old, is a real princess of a little girl and those are her two favorite colors to this day. So my sample kit already grew by two.

The birthday party was a big hit, and I painted the butterflies you see in the photo (top left). I was insanely proud of them. They weren't professional by any means but kids are easy to please and it didn't cost much to provide that service! There is a great feeling that comes over you when you accomplish something on your own.  


And, well, that's just the beginning to this amazing art form I stumbled into. 



Thanks for reading the ramblings of a random face painter. 


 Sara Martel  

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Stumbling into Face Painting

July 14, 2016

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