Sponges, Sponges and more sponges

August 8, 2017

I love Canada - It is a beautiful country with so much to see and do; but it is not my favorite place for face painting. It is a pain to get product, and I am stuck consistently ordering from far away places which makes for astronomical shipping prices. It all adds up in the end and that led me to try my hand at some D.I.Y. sponges. 


I spoke with a few face painters who mentioned that they ended up at the dollar store and hand cut sponges into the shapes they wanted and it was "good enough" while being cost effective. Easy peasy right?


So off to the dollar store I went where I purchased some makeup sponges, some cleaning sponges and some car washing sponges and from there I proceeded to cut. I started first with the car sponges, I created such hideously shaped sponges that I couldn't fathom being able to use them properly. I also ended up cutting the edges and making them thinner then they should be and so it didn't quite have the surface to pick up paint. It was a flop. I moved on next to the cleaning ones and they were just as difficult to cut as the car ones but even smaller so I had more waste. Lastly were the makeup sponges which literally sucked up all my paint and was a quickly tossed out idea.



It was my lucky day though as I had family on hand. My very handy brother asked if he could give it a try. He took the car sponges and quickly drew on some teardrop shapes (my favorite sponge shape to use) and then he took it over to our garage and used our bandsaw to cut out the shapes.


The result was amazing. Almost perfectly cut sponges, at a fraction of the cost. I ended up with an abundance and the ability to quickly make more! It’s been a couple years since we did that and I am still using that method for my sponges.


Thanks for reading the ramblings of a random face painter. 

 Sara Martel 


** I use sponges for almost all my designs such as the one below**



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